Glowstone (Block) (1)

Glowstone is found in the Nether and can only be mined with a stone pick or higher. If mined without a pickaxe, no dust will come out. It can be placed underwater and produces more light than torches, and can also melt ice and snow. It sounds like glass when you break it and it breaks just as fast.

Tips & TricksEdit

  • There are generally two ways to retrieve Glowstone, which is only usually only found on ceilings. The first is to mine a tunnel above it, but this is difficult since one must choose the exact point to emerge immediately above, and then carefully mine, likely losing many blocks in the process. The second and simpler (if longer) method is to build a bridge underneath, and then place blocks underneath the character until they're high enough to mine. Make sure the bridge is three spaces wider than the Glowstone cluster, or some blocks may fall over the edge.

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