This page is a policy for Minecraft Playstation Wiki. All users must follow these rules, even administrators. Please note that this is a work in progress and new rules are to come.

General RulesEdit

  • Strong swearing is forbidden on the wiki itself. Mild words, such as "crap," "hell," "damn," "fricking/freaking," and "piss" are allowed as long as it is not a derogatory statement towards a user.
  • Racism is not allowed in any way. This will result in an immediate block.
  • Spamming, such as, but not limited to excessive use of capital letters, gibberish, and adding content not related to the PlayStation editions of Minecraft is forbidden.
  • Be kind of other users. Harassing or threatening other users is forbidden.
  • Do not reply to threads or blog posts that haven't been comments on for 3 months.

Article RulesEdit

  • Vandalizing articles is forbidden. Vandalism includes but is not limited to adding false information, removing correct information, and placing spam in articles.
  • Adding unrelated files to articles is forbidden.

Chat RulesEdit

  • Swearing in the chat is allowed. That being said, racism is not allowed, and do not swear to an excessive extent.
  • Exchanging of private information is alright, as long as it is done in a private message.
  • Chat moderators can ban/kick users if they are in violation of the chat rules, although administrators may unban the banned user at their discretion.

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