This is the page about Rail. If you were looking for the article about powered rails, then see Powered Rail.

Rails provide quick transportation through the overworld. With a minecart, they can transport players, mobs, chests, and furnaces. They can be found naturally in Abandoned Mineshafts, however not to readily. It is best to wait until a good stockpile of iron is obtained.


Rails require solid block underneath to be placed. They turn and slope automatically when adjacent rails are placed appropriately. When building in the Overworld, it is advised to build an elevated rail system. Elevated rail systems help avoid mobs from walking onto the tracks and hostiles from attacking the player while riding (plus you get a nice view).

It is recommended to light torches along rail to avoid hostiles from spawning. Cobblestone is the most recommended block to use as the elevated rail base for its abundance, blast resistance, and habit of building up in one's inventory.


Iron Ingot None Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot Stick Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot None Iron Ingot

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